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Monica Muthappa

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Flat Tummies Mumbai, India

Store Name: Flat Tummies

Flat Tummies Oh, 'tis love, 'tis love, that makes the world go round!' Cooking wholesome delicious goodies for her loved ones has always made Monica a happy person. However, her husband’s gluten intolerance posed a huge challenge for her. She spent many a long days inventing recipes that were gluten free. During her many experimentations, she discovered healthy replacements not only for gluten but for traditionally fattening ingredients such as refined sugar and full cream milk with organic nut milk and natural sweeteners As her recipe count and subsequent fan following increased greatly, Monica wanted to reach out to many others who love to eat well and eat healthy. Flat Tummies has thus been conceptualized with a single-minded intention of making everyone to their hearts content without thinking about weight gain or allergies. There has been a lot of effort, love and good intentions behind each one of our products. So smile a lot, laugh a lot, order a lot (from us), and eat a lot! Save the calorie counting for another day. After all, cooking is love made edible! Presenting Flat Tummies, a niche` inspired healthy living concept that promises mouth-watering delicacies that satiate your taste buds without letting you worry about calories, fattening ingredients and sugar control. Our recipes are gluten free, dairy free,refined sugar free and we offer a wide variety of scrumptious delights for the vegan heart as well. Our intention is to create incredibly gorgeous health food using the best of organic ingredients that will make you feel light and happy and set your spirits soaring. With today's fast paced lifestyle, sedentary work cultures, dependency on fast food to crave our hunger pangs and lack of exercise, there has been a rise in cholesterol, diabetes and other health issues. We at Flat Tummies are committed to offer an elaborate range of products that have good health in every bite.

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