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Gaurang Motta

About The Store

Monks Bouffe Mumbai, India

Skills : Gourmet

Store Name: Monks Bouffe

Monks Bouffe MonksBouffe is the amalgamation of a deep love for food and a simple way of living - organic, healthful and natural. To facilitate this, and to get you a few steps closer to your cravings, we have magicians called home chefs that provide you the bounty that is fresh, local and hand-crafted food. Monks Bouffe the name, originates from – ‘Monks’ signifying purity - food cooked at home is always pure and fresh. And as the French propose, ‘La Bouffe’ – which literally translates to a spread of food. Our spread presents passionately crafted delicacies loaded with a whole lot of freshness and creativity. Infused with everything spectacular, we assure you that every jar you select is an ode to the pure love of food, realigning your SENSE OF TASTE. Come try some and allow the food to leave a lasting impression on your hearts….