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Bhushan Mahadkar

About The Store

Tan Luzo , India

Store Name: Tan Luzo

Tan Luzo Our products are formulated from an endearing mixture of expert craftsmanship and handcrafted with elegant design and flamboyant colours. Our unique products are made in very limited quantity to maintain high standards of quality control and be adorned by our patrons. Each product is packed carefully in black boxes with a distinctive TAN LUZO Logo.

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Soulesence.com, a venture of Mumbai based Green Wallet Services Pvt. Ltd. is an online marketplace that connects skilled craftsmen, micro and small entrepreneurs with buyers. Soulesence.com was started with an idea to make available to woman products that emphasize on her essence and appeal to her soul. Soulesence.com is a shopping destination for internet users across India delivering to multiple cities and towns.

Soulesence, offers sellers a robust and scalable E-Commerce platform along with a host of services that help a seller to have their own store and products listed on Soulesence.com. Sellers can manage their store from anywhere and at any time through any device that is connected to the internet. It also provides a host of other services to its sellers. Start your.

To buyers of modern Indian craft it makes available a trusted and safe online shopping environment with a variety of products in various categories like Clothes & Accessories, Jewellery, Home & Living, Kitchen & Dining, Bath & Wellness, entrepreneurial journey with Soulesence.com by filling a simple registration form Office Accessories, Gardening and Gourmet.