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Quirky Chalkboard Puzzle Mat In Mrs. Sheep Design

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Mrs. Sheep is the most cuddly mommy any animal could have. All the little baby animals love her beautiful fur. It’s so soft, they can just cuddle up to her all day long. And you know what Mrs. Sheep’s secret is? She gets her soft, beautiful looks from eating just right - green plants, dal and herbs. You can be as beautiful as Mrs. Sheep - if you eat just as well as she does. And here’s her very own Chalkboard Jigsaw Mat to help you remember what to eat. Just write or draw what you’d like to eat, show it to Mommy, and then gobble it all up! (Don’t forget to write Mommy a thank-you message when you’re done.) The Chalkboard Jigsaw Mat comes complete with a detachable coaster. You can write on both with chalk, wipe off and rewrite as many times as you need to. Perfect for writing down today’s menu, little reminders and notes for your little one. Material: MDF Colour: Black Dimensions: 17.3 in x 14.7 in x 3mm

Wipe with a damp cloth.

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