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Natural garam Masala Extract Table Bottle With Liquid Garam Masala

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Garam Masala Spice Drop™ presents the quintessential Indian spice mix, garam masala, without which ethnic Indian cooking is almost impossible. The Spice Drop Garam Masala extract is exactly what every home cook desires to have in his or her kitchen—a potent concoction of several spices that come together to give your gastronomic delights a power-packed, taste-filled vigour. Making your own garam masala can go wrong at several stages. On the other hand, ensuring the freshness of store-bought garam masalas is a challenge. Now change the way you cook with the Spice Drop Garam Masala extract. It has the freshest, tastiest and most balanced mix of spices that will transform your everyday preparations to celebratory occasions in themselves. Just use the dropper that comes with the package to add a few drops of the extract to your prepared dish and blend in with a ladle. Your dish is ready to serve. Surprisingly simple, isn’t it? Material: Spice Extract Care Tips: Shake well before use.  No refrigeration required. Size (cms): 5x8x5

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