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Aromatic Aloe Vera Natural After Shave by Omved

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This nutrient rich Aloe Vera based gel with an aromatic blend of natural essential oils works wonders on rough and tough skin! Specially formulated to rebalance skin's natural moisture while soothing skin irritations and inflammations, this gel makes an excellent after-shave gel. • Hydrating Aloe Vera provides a cooling barrier for your skin against the elements • Antiseptic Cedarwood soothes your skin • Chamomile and Lavender heal your skin • Tea Tree disinfects and helps your skin to regain tone and strength The deep woody aroma of Cedarwood, accentuated with fresh Lavender ensures your skin smells as good as it feels! perfect for all skin types, this wonderful sooth on gel should be a part of the grooming kit! The Omved Dab on Soothe Gel soothes the skin, calms irritation and cools while restoring the natural epidermal balance of your skin. You can also use this as an after-shave gel. Most commercial after-shaves contain strong fragrances and toxic chemical ingredients, which penetrates deep, onto just shaved skin which is not good for the sensitive skin post shaving. Omved products are 100% natural and are formulated with the highest quality natural raw materials; highly prized therapeutic grade essential oils, pure vegetable oils rich in essential minerals and traditional Ayurvedic botanical extracts in a skin and earth friendly natural base. Extracts of Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis), therapeutic grade pure essential oils of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), cedar wood (Cedrus atlantica), Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and Tea Tree ( Melaleuca alternifolia), Glycerin (from plants), in a skin and earth friendly base of De-mineralised water, Xanthum gum, salicylic acid , Sodium benzoate and Sodium Hydroxide. Contains only 100% Natural Actives - pure botanical extracts in a natural skin and earth friendly base. No parabens, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, glycols, phthalates, synthetic colour or perfumes. Pump a small amount of the gel in the palm of your hand. Dab on face and let it dry. If you are using this as an after-shave, splash face with cold water to help close the pores you opened while shaving. Pat dry.

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